Forrest Collins is pleased to offer “mobile” or “on-site” mediation services. For a fee, Forrest will travel to a place that is most convenient for the clients to conduct the mediation. It is up to the clients to arrange the location, which may include their home, church, community center, or any other facility that can be available for a period of several hours. There is no difference between mobile mediation and in-office mediation other than the location. After the mediation is conducted all of the necessary paperwork will be prepared and sent to the clients via email.

There are a number of advantages to mobile mediation from the client’s perspective. This process maximizes privacy and anonymity for the clients by allowing them to complete the entire divorce without ever leaving their homes. There are no intimidating trips to the courthouse, to the lawyer’s office or to the mediator’s office. Mobile mediation is convenient – the mediator comes to the clients on their schedule rather than the other way around. Further, this service makes mediation readily available to clients who may not otherwise have mediation available to them in their area. Forrest is an attorney licensed in Oregon and is available to travel statewide.

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