Professionals frequently contact our office to learn more about mediation, Collaborative Law and developing an “out of court” practice. This page contains information you may find helpful as well as links to related organizations. Additionally, Forrest is available for consulting related to the development of your dispute resolution practice. If you need to schedule mediation or a Collaborative meeting you can contact our office or use our online scheduling system.

Collaborative Law Training

The starting point for a Collaborative Law practice is getting trained. The training teaches you about the procedures of Collaborative practice and focuses on the “paradigm shift”, i.e., the shift in thinking from being a traditional zealous advocate to a constructive Collaborative practitioner.

The Seattle Collaborative Law Training Group offers several trainings per year in the Seattle area.

The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals is a great resource not only for training but also for practice development.

The Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals

The OACP is Oregon’s version of the IACP. It is a statewide group that exists to promote Collaborative practice in the state of Oregon. The OACP meets once per month in Lake Oswego. Collaborative Law requires two or more Collaborative professionals on a team. To that end, participation in the OACP is a great way to build your practice because you will meet the people who you will help you build your practice.

The Oregon Mediation Association

OMA is “a nonprofit organization of members committed to the development, support and advocacy of mediation in the State of Oregon.” OMA membership is a great way to keep in touch with what is happening in mediation at the state level and also to meet like-minded professionals.


Forrest is glad to schedule lunch or coffee with other attorneys or dispute resolution professionals in the Portland area. Feel free to email Forrest if you are interested scheduling a meeting.


Forrest stopped accepting new litigated cases beginning January 1, 2014 (although he has made a couple of exceptions for past clients who needed modifications). At this point his practice is almost exclusively an “out of court” practice and he is busier than ever. Forrest is available for a limited number of consulting engagements focusing on the development of your dispute resolution practice. Contact Forrest is you are interested in further discussing a consulting engagement.