Here is what Clients have to say

Forrest was helpful from the start. He helped me evaluate my options and take a moderate approach to the difficult process of divorce. He explained things well, and helped to me stay a middle course, differentiating between what was worth asking for and what was in the long range of little consequence. This helped us to arrive at a just and fair settlement. He also helped me separate “emotional reasoning” from fact based statements, which made all the difference in having my position and needs carefully considered. I believe this approach yielded the best results and I would happily recommend him to others who find themselves in need of help when divorcing.

-Judith E."...helpful from the start...explained things well..."

Forrest helped us navigate our mediation in a kind, professional, and comfortable manner.  We both appreciated his fair and experienced demeanor, and the objective way he guided us through our options. Our kitchen table mediation was brief yet thorough, and as painless as possible.  By not having a contentious divorce (with multiple lawyers and arguments over small things) my ex-wife and I have been able to remain respectful friends.  The kitchen table process, with Forrest’s guidance, was the first step in getting through to the other side. I highly recommend Forrest Collins for your mediation.

-Brian H." painless as possible..."

Forrest made me feel comfortable, relaxed and stress free about my divorce. I always felt like he had everything handled.

-Rachelle L."...made me feel comfortable..."

I was very pleased with the timeliness of the proceedings and the successful judgment that was reached.

-J.H."I was very pleased..."

Forrest was knowledgeable in all areas of the collaborative process and helped me get what I needed at the end.

-Barb C."...knowledegable..."

Forrest was very helpful and efficient. We saved a lot of money and time by having him guiding us through the very tedious divorce filing process.  I heartily recommend his services.

-Catherine M."...saved a lot of time and money..."

In life changing events like divorce it’s comforting to find an individual, a professional like Forrest who approaches your hardship on a personal and truly caring manner. .=

-Kevin C."...truly caring manner..."

Forrest makes you feel comfortable in his presence; he is a truly genuine and extremely competent.

-Carlos C."...truly genuine and extremely competent..."

Forrest provided clarity and reason during one of the most emotional times of my life. I felt secure knowing that he could bring this type of balance to my divorce process.

-Saundra P."...provided clarity and reason..."

Thank you very much. If I need a divorce again I’ll call you guys.

-Mitchell M. "Thank you very much..."

Thank you and your team for the help. I will recommend your services if the opportunity ever arises.

-M. A."I will recommend your services..."