People tend to have assumptions about the divorce process.  They are unaware that there are options for resolving their divorce in a civilized, respectful way that allows them to retain control over their outcome, maintain their privacy and stay of court.  Forrest Collins focuses his practice exclusively on the constructive resolution of family law cases.


Mediation is an option for people who prefer to work with one professional.  The job of the mediator is to help both people arrive at an agreement that works well for both of them.  Mediators do not represent either participant and cannot provide legal advice.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law has a similar philosophy and approach to mediation, but in this process each participant has their own lawyer.  If mediation is appealing but you think one or both people would be more comfortable having a lawyer in the meetings, Collaborative Law might be a good fit for you.

Limited Services

Sometimes people just need an hour or two of legal advice, or need some help drafting or reviewing agreements.  Forrest is available to assist people on a limited representation and can be available as much or as little as needed.