Many people cannot afford to retain an attorney. Some people who can afford to retain an attorney simply prefer not to. With that said, it still makes sense for most people to get at least some legal advice or feedback on their case. Limited services, also referred to as “unbundled legal services”, is a great way to get some assistance with your situation without fully retaining an attorney.

Forrest can assist you if you are doing a DIY divorce or if you are representing yourself when your spouse has an attorney. Typically this involves just an hour or two of legal advice, document review or document drafting.

An Uncontested Divorce is a good fit for situations where one person is willing to sign divorce papers but doesn’t necessarily want to participate in the process. Forrest will work with the person who wants to move forward with the divorce to prepare divorce paperwork that can be delivered (usually via email) to the other person.

Kitchen Table Mediation tends to be the best fit in situations where both people are willing to participate in the process and have already figured out most of their agreements.

Facilitation is a structured conversation which is designed to facilitate a conversation rather than for the purpose of resolving a dispute.

Divorce is a confusing time, especially if you have not gone through it before. If you aren’t quite sure which option makes the most sense for you, feel free to call and talk to Forrest and he will try to help you figure out which approach makes the most sense in your particular situation.