Divorce Mediation and COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 situation, we are taking steps to help ensure everyone’s health and safety during the divorce mediation process. Effective March 16, 2020, all individual meetings will be over the phone and all mediations will be conducted via Zoom teleconferencing. Zoom is easy to use and does not require clients to have a Zoom subscription.

The good news is that these updated procedures have very little impact on the divorce mediation process. Here’s what the online divorce mediation process looks like:

  1. Schedule an appointment using our online scheduling app or by calling the office.
  2. Once an appointment is scheduled, we will send a confirmation that includes a secure link to upload all the necessary paperwork and financial documentation.
  3. Mediations will be conducted via Zoom teleconferencing. If you prefer, mediations can be conducted by phone. Forrest will email mediation recap emails in between mediation sessions.
  4. Once an agreement is reached, Forrest will draft all of the documents and circulate them via email or secure link.
  5. Clients email feedback on the first draft to Forrest who will then update the documents.
  6. Once we have a final draft of the documents, Forrest will send the clients to the documents for eSigning. eSigning by clients is brand new in Oregon. Previously, clients were required to either come into the office to sign documents, or to print, sign and return original documents. This update to the rules now allows the online divorce mediation process to be completely online.

We will monitor guidance from the state and federal governments to determine when it is appropriate to resume in-person meetings. Clients will continue to have the option to meet online even when in-person meetings resume.

Please feel free to schedule a free-15 minute call if you have questions about online mediation or wish to discuss whether mediation is a good fit for you.