These forms will apply if you are choosing the Collaborative Law process.  Most of these forms are fillable and can be saved to your desktop. You can save the forms by right clicking the link and choosing “Save link as…”


Collaborative Law Fee Agreement. This is the retainer agreement that you will fill out if you are going to go through the Collaborative Law process.  You do not need to print this form – we will send it to you for eSigning via Docusign.

Participation Agreement. The Participation Agreement is the document that officially make a case a “Collaborative” case.  It is very important that you read this if you are considering Collaborative Law.  You do not need to print this form – we will send it to you for eSigning via Docusign.

Divorce Financial Worksheet. This worksheet helps you assemble all of the necessary financial information for your divorce.  Please include all information for both people on one form. Please include information for all of the accounts even if you are each retaining your own accounts.

Monthly Budget Form.  This form is optional. This form is used in cases involving spousal support. Both clients should fill out this form based on their post-divorce budgets. We suggest you read this article about budgeting in the divorce process prior to filling out this form.

Common issues to consider in your divorce. This form is optional. You do not need to print this form, although you may find it to be a useful checklist if you are discussing the divorce with your spouse.


The following forms are informational and do not need to be printed.

First 4-Way Meeting Agenda. The first 4-way meeting is a procedural meeting which is used to make sure everyone understands Collaborative Law and to “plan” the rest of the divorce process. This is handout describes the agenda for the first meeting.

Good Faith Handout. Collaborative Law is premised on good faith and full disclosure. This handout describes the expectations we have for the Collaborative process.