Many divorcing couples are able to figure out the general framework of their agreement but want help filling in the details and “making it legal.” If this sounds familiar, the Kitchen Table approach to divorce mediation might be what you are looking for. This approach provides a way to obtain a low cost, amicable divorce.

In Kitchen Table divorce mediation the clients come in and inform the divorce mediator of the structure of their agreement. The mediator will help the clients with the last issue or two, and then help them consider the details or smaller issues they may not have thought about (who claims the children for tax purposes, how should payments be characterized, etc.). After this meeting the mediator will draft all necessary paperwork and send it to the clients for review.

Most Kitchen Table mediations take only one meeting. There may be another follow up meeting if necessary, though usually any follow up issues are addressed via email.

Forrest Collins is a trained divorce mediator, but because Forrest is also a divorce attorney, he is able to prepare the necessary documents for your case rather than referring you to another attorney to write up the documents. Forrest Collins is typically able to prepare the first draft of all documents within a week of the mediation appointment.

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