Divorce is hard.  The divorce process should not make it worse.  There are different options available for settling your divorce that do not involve going to court.  

Here are the first two steps to starting a divorce on the right track:

1. Learn about your options. The divorce process does not have to be awful.  It is possible to have a respectful, constructive divorce process.  Forrest offers divorce mediation, Collaborative Law and help with uncontested divorce.

2. Invite your spouse. Mediation and Collaborative Law require the participation of both people.  Here is an article on how to invite someone into the mediation or Collaborative process.

There’s obviously a lot more to it than that, but in our experience the most important decision you will make during the divorce process is how you want to get divorced.  Think about it – if you got served out of nowhere with an angry demand letter, how would you react?  How would your spouse react if they received that letter?  What if, instead, your spouse invited you to a joint meeting with a neutral third person to learn more information about the divorce process and create a plan for moving forward?

Does one sound better than the other?

There is obviously a lot more to settling your divorce, but the starting place is learning about your options and getting your spouse to participate.  You can schedule a free 15-minute phone call with Forrest to talk more about your situation and what approach makes the most sense for your situation.

Let’s settle your case.