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Notifying the Life Insurance Company

Judgments that contain child support, spousal support or property settlements that will be paid over time typically contain a requirement that the person who owes the money has to maintain life insurance to “insure” the support award.  Once the divorce or custody judgment has been signed by the court it will be time to notify […]

Life Insurance and Divorce

Life insurance is not something that most of us like to think about or discuss.  However, in the context of divorce it is very important and something that needs to be addressed.  While this article talks about life insurance related to divorce, the concepts also apply to unmarried parents or unmarried persons where one may […]

Do I NEED a mediator?

Occasionally people will ask something like this: “We have figured out our entire agreement. Do we really need a mediator?” The answer is – no, you do not need a mediator – but it’s probably a good idea to have one. There are usually two main concerns someone has when they ask this question. Concern […]