Are you involved in a conflict or do you need help having a challenging conversation? You might benefit from facilitation. Facilitation is process where a neutral third party assists or “facilitates” a conversation. A facilitator typically has specialized training in communication and interest-based negotiation. A facilitator can help a person or a group:

  • Identify interests
  • Communicate effectively
  • Listen effectively
  • Lead a group conversation
  • Generate creative solutions
  • Develop a plan for effective communication in the future

Facilitation does not require that there be a conflict. One role of a facilitator is simply to help people communicate effectively. Forrest Collins is available to facilitate conversations in the family and estate planning context.

Is facilitation the same as mediation?

Facilitation is different from mediation, although there are similarities. Mediation is a process for resolving specific disputes or legal claims (e.g., divorce, breach of contract, etc.). Mediation often takes place before or during a lawsuit, although that is not always the case. Facilitation is a process for having challenging conversations; it does not require that there be a “dispute”. For example, families may consider hiring a facilitator to discuss how the family will structure their estate plan. Businesses may hire a facilitator to help lead a discussion about the future direction of the company. Parents may hire a facilitator to discuss differences in parenting styles.

Why hire Forrest?

Forrest is a trained mediator and experienced attorney. Mediation training gives Forrest the communication and negotiation skills that are useful in facilitating conversations. Forrest’s experience as an attorney gives him the legal knowledge to meaningfully facilitate conversations in the family law and estate planning contexts.

Can you benefit from facilitation?

Most people have not heard of facilitation. Do you have questions about the facilitation process? Are you wondering if facilitation might be useful for you? Give Forrest a call and he will be happy to discuss whether facilitation might be helpful in your situation.