Forrest is an attorney-mediator who is dedicated to resolving your case outside of court in a respectful, cost-effective way.

We are open and conducting mediation and individual meetings over the phone and online via Zoom videoconferencing. As of May, 2021 we are beginning to resume in-person meetings on request.

Mediating Attorney

It seems like everyone knows someone who has gone through a “typical” divorce or custody case. The case took too long and cost too much. The client had no control over the process and was dissatisfied with the outcome. The thought of their ex still leaves them bitter. It’s a constant battle just to enforce the judgment.

Sound familiar? You do not have to have the same experience. It is possible to have a “good” divorce. It is possible to work well with your former spouse. It is possible for your kids to see their parents treat each other with respect during this difficult time. Spend some time learning about your options and then let us know how we can help you.

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  • Divorce Mediation

    Divorce mediation is a process where two people work with a neutral third party (the mediator) to resolve their case.  The mediator’s job is to help the clients develop an agreement that works well for both of them.  The mediator can make suggestions or help generate options but cannot make decisions for the clients.

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  • Collaborative Law

    Collaborative Law (also known as Collaborative Practice or Collaborative Divorce) is a cutting edge approach to resolving family disputes that is growing increasingly popular with a public who is dissatisfied with the traditional way of doing things. Collaborative Law is a ‘process’ option, just like divorce mediation or litigation are options.

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  • Uncontested Divorce

    Uncontested divorce is a good option for people who have either 1) reached a basic divorce agreement with their spouse and need assistance drafting the paperwork, or 2) do not think their spouse will participate in the divorce case. The role of the attorney in an uncontested divorce is to provide legal advice to the client and to draft the divorce paperwork.

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“Forrest was very helpful and efficient. We saved a lot of money and time by having him guiding us through the very tedious divorce filing process.  I heartily recommend his services.”

-Catherine M.

“In life changing events like divorce it’s comforting to find an individual, a professional like Forrest who approaches your hardship on a personal and truly caring manner.”

-Kevin C.

“Forrest provided clarity and reason during one of the most emotional times of my life. I felt secure knowing that he could bring this type of balance to my divorce process.”

-Saundra P.

“Forrest made me feel comfortable, relaxed and stress free about my divorce. I always felt like he had everything handled.”

-Rachelle L.

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